Capital Goods Skill Council

Capital Goods Sector directly employs 1.4 million people. The indirect employment is 7 million. However, most important impact is on users of the Capital Goods, which are estimated to be 50 times of the direct employment. Industry has been voicing its concern about the mismatch in skills possessed by college/diploma/ITI graduates and what is required by them.

Department of Heavy Industry has been instrumental in setting up Capital Goods Skill Council. Through this organization National Skill Standards are being notified with the purpose of defining skill needs of the industry. This way training institutions will be able to impart skills which are valued by employers in Industry. The Council has been targeted to benefit 10 million people in this way.

The Department is also planning to build eco-system for skill development. The components of eco-system include update of national skill standards, content development, systems and process definitions, specifications of facilities at training institutions, training of support cadre, training of existing workers as well fresh intake and other promotional activities.

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